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Art. 1 - The invoiced prices are those in force at the date of delivery. Therefore, we reserve the right to alter the ones stipulated ln our offers in order to take into account any change that could meanwhile occur in the price-determining factors such as prices applied by production factories, transport costs, customs duties, taxes and miscellaneous duties, exchange rates, price fluctuation of nickel and other alloys, etc.
The orders accepted by our representatives, as well as any agreement negotiated by them, shall be valid only after written order confirmation. Our offers involve no definitive commitment of delivery: our prices remain valid for 4 weeks after the date of the offer.
- Goods in stock are offered subject to meanwhile sale.
-The registration of goods out of stock is subject to the acceptance of the production factories.
- Shipping and packaging instructions shall be given at the time of order.
Art. 2 - Unless otherwise stipulated, we grant no damages for any delay in delivery.
All acts of God are reserved to our profit and possibly entitle us to either cancel the contracts without prior notice nor warning, or to suspend their execution. Acts of God are namely: wars, riots, transport interruption, shortage of material, strikes or lockouts, as well as accidental production stops in our factories or at our subcontractors' plants, fires, explosions, etc., any other circumstances beyond our control that could be an obstacle to the regular arrival of our raw materials, to the normal manufacturing of our products or to their shipping.
Art. 3 - Even in the case of post-paid goods, shipment is at the consignee's own risk.
We can under no circumstances guarantee the means of transporl for which we search only as a service to the purchaser and with no liability whatsoever on our side.
Art. 4 - Any complaint about our supplies must be notified in writing within 8 days of the date of receipt of the goods. Unless otherwise stipulated, we besides reserve the right to refuse any return of goods that would not be made within two weeks of the date of receipt of the goods.
Art. 5 - We may, of our option, replace or refund the defective goods, to the exclusion of any indemnity. The rejected goods shall be returned to us.
Art. 6 -

Our goods are payable at 30 days, without discount.
Any delay of payment by the due date rightfully entails the legal, accrued interest commercially in force, to our credit, w1th no prior formal notice.
Our drafts or acceptance of the regulation carry on no renewal of the debt, derogation to the jurisdiction clause.

Art. 7 - Should any dispute arise, only the courts of Verviers or the courts of the purchaser's domicile, of the vendor's option, shall be competent. When the dispute refers to an amount below 1.860 €, it shall be exclusively submitted to the jurisdiction of the Justice of the Peace of Verviers.
Any unpaid invoice by the due date shall rightfully and with no prior notice bear an interest of 18 % per year. The acceptance of a draft by the debtor after the sending of the invoice implies no renewal of the debt. The amount of the debt remains due on the basis of the original invoice. By the mere fact of not paying an invoice by the due date its amount shall rightfully and wlth no prior notice, increase by 10%, with a minimum of 25 € as damages for the late payment.
Art. 8 - For any order below 124 € V.A.T. not included, we will charge 13 € for handling.
Shipping charges are on invoice and may be revised according to the increase in the transport fares of the company ABX and of the Belgian Federation of Carriers.
Art. 9 - Any handing of an order involves the complete acceptance to these general conditions. They may not be altered, even by contrary stipulations on the customer's order or in his general purchasing conditions.
Art. 10 - If the purchaser of goods does not pay the payables upon the vendor's first request the latter reserves the right of rightful-ly cancel the contract without notice. The parties agree to allot as damages the amounts paid at the time of cancellation, theses amounts being deemed as a minimum prejudice to the vendor, with no waiver to the right to damages.
Art. 11 - When the credit of the purchaser deteriorates, and even after the partial execution of a contract, we reserve the right to require the appropriate guaranties with a view to the good execution of the agreement. The refusal to comply entitles us to cancel all or part of the deal.
Art. 12 - Property clause:
The vendor reserves the property of the goods until full payment has been made.
The risks are born by the purchaser. The deposits shall be retained to cover the prospective loss at the time of reselling.
Art. 13 - In the event of the reselling of the goods, even transformed, belonging to the vendor, the purchaser henceforth surrenders all debts resulting from their reselling.
Art. 14 - The contra-party expressly notes that the items making up the delivery are not destined for the American and/or Canadian markets. PRECICARB declines all liability should these items be exported to the USA or Canada. A liability action in relation to these items could only be taken against the contra-party and not against PRECICARB.
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